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Description: Born to a noble family in Salamanca Spain in 1510 Came to the Americas at the age of 25 Served in the Spanish military from 1535-1554 Married to Beatriz de Estrada, daughter of treasurer and governor Alonso de Estrada y Hidalgo, lord of Picón. Inherited a large portion of a Mexican encomendero estate through...
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in Persons Tovar’s Journey

1.1: Summary Don Pedro de Tovar, along with seventeen horsemen and several foot soldiers as well as Juan de Padilla (a Franciscan friar) journey to the province of Tusayan (modern day Hopi). The story begins as the group stealthily enters the region at night, so as to not draw attention from the natives. The group...
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in Persons Lope de Samaniego

Description: Samaniego pledged 16-17 horses, two buckskin coats, a coat of mail with all ccouterments. Many of Samaniego’s belongings were destroyed in a fire, which he replaced with native equipment. Discussion: Samaniego was a rich man. Appointed to the expedition as maestre de campo, or the second in command of the army. He served as...
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in Persons Don Pedro De Tovar

Description: Don Pedro De Tovar was a wealthy captain in the expedition. Pledging 13 horses, a full coat of mail, and an assortment of native accouterments and weapons. Discussion: Tovar was one of the first settlers of Guadalajara along with Nuño de Guzmán in 1531. Tovar was also one of the founders of Culiacan, and...
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