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in Objects Tack Up for a Horse

Summary As a part of the game, the player is tasked to tack up his horse to earn experience points. On the way to the barn, we get a glimpse of the army and Indian camps and how differently they are supplied. We see the locations and different roles of Europeans of various ranks, African...
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Saddles and bridles allow a rider to more easily mount, stay securely seated, and control the horse. They may also be decorative, especially in parades or for nobility, or they may be armor-reinforced for battle. The bridle consists of straps that usually hold a metal bit in the horse’s mouth, resting in the natural gap...
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Official documents, historical artwork, the fossil record, and the reaction of the encountered indigenous peoples confirm that Columbus and the 16th century Spanish explorers brought the first horses to the Americas since the Ice Age. The first of these came on Columbus’ second voyage in 1493. Once here, the Spanish established breeding operations to supply...
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