Bishops Miter

Bishops Miter
  • Bishops Miter is of a similar head wear for a Catholic Bishop in the region
  • Made of matereia commony found in area such as bird feathers


A miter that would have been worn by a bishop in the New Spain region. There is not a specific region labeled but would align with what Catholic bishops wore at the time. The Conquistadors and their men from Spain practiced the Roman Catholic religion. In addition to their efforts to find gold and other riches in the new world, many men saw this as an opportunity to convert members of the local tribes to Christianity. As the miter suggests, many of the Natives converted to Catholicism. This is made evident by the materials used for the headwear. The mix of feathers and other materials indicates that the miter is Catholic in nature but takes elements from Native religions as well. Many of the Natives did convert to Catholicism, either by choice or by force.


Mexican, Mexican. 16c. Bishop’s Miter, back view. Textiles.

Current Location: Modern Latin American Art (Jacqueline Barnitz, Art and Art History Department, University of Texas, Austin)

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