Don Garcia Lopez de Cardenas

Don Garcia Lopez de Cardenas


  • He was a Spanish Conquistador
  • He was the first cousin to Francisco Vazquez de Coronado
  • First person to explore The Grand Canyon
  • He was the only one in Coronado’s expedition that was convicted of War Crimes
  • He was present at the Muster Roll
  • He was almost always seen with his hand on his hip.


He was one of the first people to explore/step foot on the Grand Canyon. He was at the muster roll under the duty of captain. He was on the expedition led by Pedro de Tobar on the quest for Cibola. He was one of the people trusted to talk to the natives as they surrounded the village. Also one of the higher class people given the stuff he brought to the Muster Roll with him. At the Muster Roll he brought twelve horses, sword, three sets of Castilian arms and armor, two pairs of breast plates, and chain mail vest. He was of great importance because throughout everything that happened on the Coronado expedition Cardenas was the only convicted on War crimes for the events that happened in the Tiguex War. He was also one of the few guys to have heavy armor and a feather helmet.


Because he was Coronado’s first cousin there was some information about him that was easily found, but there were multiple resources that had to be used. I actually found this information using two seperate websites. One was a page from an artist who was fascinated by the events that took place because of Cardenas, and the other was a page that i don’t know exactly how credible the information from this site was, but the other sites i used did back up the information found on this specific page. The artist talking about Cardenas is a very credible man, he even painted a picture of Cardenas using the information he knew about the man. It is a very good descriptive page, it offered me a lot of information i needed to know about him, it even offered up the facial features of Cardenas. I find the artist page very credible and it did offer up a lot of background on the person.


Primary Sources

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Secondary Sources:

Walters, Curt. “”Ordering Descent, 1540: Lopez De Cardenas” -Historical Study.” Curt Walters. August 14, 2016. Accessed March 21, 2019. [Provided me with information about Cardenas and the artists fascination with Cardenas]

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