Hernando De Alvarado

Hernando De Alvarado


  • He was a native of the small town of Las Montañas in Northern Spain
  • He became the artillery captain at the age of 22
  • He was very wealthy for his age
  • Important to Coronado’s Expedition
  • He was one of the youngest captains in the military


He as an important person to Coronado’s expedition this is because he was a rich man for his age and because most the men come from the lower class or even middle-ish they didn’t come with much money or tools to defend themselves in case of War. Alvarado played the important role of funding the whole artillery company he led, he supplied his men with gear needed for the journey, this helped them out because it provided the men with the gear needed to defend themselves and all the others in the march, and because their the artillery platoon they carry probably one of the most important roles in the march as part of the defense. some of the stuff he carried with him was four horses, a vest with sleeves, and native arms and armor. And some of the “artillery” of the expedition was 25 matchlock arabesques, 20 crossbows, six small-bore swivel guns, caved versillos. He was entrusted with many small expeditions as well, he remained loyal throughout his entire military experience until he retired in Mexico City.


Because of his importance to the military and his wealth for the weapons there were a few websites that proved helpful when finding information on Alvarado. The Office of the State Historian State Records Center & Archives located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He retired to Mexico after his time in the military and their archives have a lot of information about his time with Coronado up till his death. Historical archives tend to be pretty accurate and given that there were not other places discrediting or arguing that this information is false i tend to believe this source is true to its word. I found it very helpful because it helped give more background on Alvarado that i couldn’t find anywhere else.


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