Research and Scholars

Value of the Research: Gathering Excellence and Creating Bridges

The project facilitates our team’s efforts to deepen our expertise in the heritage and culture of the Southwest, while fostering the development of junior faculty, accomplished instructors, and students. Further, and as discussed below, we will acquire advanced technology capabilities that characterize the trailblazing realm of the digital humanities. The project, directed on a day-to-day basis by Assoc. Prof. Roger Martinez (History), is led by five co-principal investigators including Assoc. Prof. Minette Church (Anthropology), Assoc. Prof. Fernando Feliu-Moggi (Languages and Cultures), Instructor Michael Larkin (GES), and Prof. Suzanne MacAulay (VAPA). As detailed in the following table, our expertise and interests are well-tuned to this endeavor. To facilitate the cross-fertilization of ideas and extend our reach within LAS, our team includes three part-time collaborators: Asst. Prof. Samantha Christensen (History), Assoc. Prof. Janice Gould (WEST), and Asst. Prof. Jane Rigler (VAPA). We also anticipate, based on discussions with the Departments of Biology & Mathematics, to integrate other faculty to assist in our analysis of medicinal plants and the impact of diseases on native populations.

Co-Principal Investigators (alphabetical)
Participant Principal Areas of Expertise Principal Areas of Interest for this Project
Minette Church (Anthropology) *Archeology *Colorado(CO)/New Mexico (NM) borderlands *Museum and exhibition curation *CO/NM borderlands (pre-and post-Spanish era) *Historical medical botany *Native American history
Fernando Feliu-Moggi

(Lang. & Cultures)

*Colonial Spanish America *CO/NM borderlands *Experiential learning *Film studies *Spanish and Native American communities *Religious brotherhoods in New Mexico/Colorado *Oral histories
Michael Larkin (GES) *Geospatial science *Human-land interactions and spatial order *CO-focused
Suzanne MacAulay


*Folklore *Spanish colonial textiles *Art history *Material culture *Ethno-aesthetics & material culture of southern CO & NM *Material culture & sense of place *Traditional and contemporary colcha embroideries *Spanish colonial and indigenous peoples’ relationships
Roger Martinez (History) *Virtual reality and digital storytelling *Colonial Spanish history and religion *Archival research and paleography *Colonial Spanish NM/CO and indigenous cultural interchange (language, trade, religion, and customs) *Material culture and artifacts *Archival collections in local, provincial, state, and church institutions
Collaborators (alphabetical)
Samantha Christiansen (History) *History *Gender studies *Spatial history *Identity (collective and individual) formation *Storytelling and oral history *Gender and representation *Spatial‑social interaction *Power and population manipulation
Janice Gould (WEST) *Poetry *Music *Photography *Poetry, music, and folk dance of southern CO/NM *Community engagement
Jane Rigler


*Music and composition

*Deep Listening

*Indigenous peoples about the concept of multi-modal listening *Navajo music artists *Listening to the environment *Digital/technology applications of music